What are the AA Tokens Used For?

You may have heard of the AA tokens but you are quite confused on what they are. Well, these are also known as the sobriety coins which are given to those who have joined the Alcoholics Anonymous. People who are in this program have been suffering from the long intake of alcohol. It is really difficult to quit an old habit and this is why those who are in the AA are highly encouraged and are being acknowledged for their achievement.

The AA sobriety chips would represent the amount of time that the member has stayed sober. Such is by tradition the size of a medallion or the poker chip. This is being awarded to the member for abstaining from such alcohol intake while one is in the program. In the other 12-step programs, such would be to mark the time abstaining from anything that one may be staying away from. However, you must understand that there is actually no official AA chip or medallion and they are being used in the AA culture but they are not officially approved by the conference. Also, the AA hasn't also been granted for use in such medallions.

The history of how the AA chip actually started stays a mystery. Such is thought to believe to have started in 1942 which started such tradition of using the sobriety coin.

Well, the AA tokens are just being used for the holder to remember what one has already achieved. It is surely not a very easy thing and is not smooth sailing to quit from that alcohol addiction. But, holding something that will remind you how far you have come will surely help you think countless times if it is worth going back to the old habits. Hence, the AA tokens are being used for you to be encouraged to keep moving forward and no longer return to the addiction that you have been trying to eliminate out of your system.

There are so many kinds of AA tokens that are available out there. According to the studies, there is a certain connection between the coin or token's visual presence and self-control by the holder. With the presence of the chip or the token, then one would be more motivated to quit that addiction and start anew. Being awarded with these coins or tokens from the conference is surely an achievement for you. You can learn more about AA tokens on the link: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/can-helping-others-keep-y_b_9751956.html.

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